Jessica’s Bentonville wedding film

There’s not a whole lot left I can say about Jessica’s wedding. I’ve already blogged about her bridals and her wedding photos, but today, we’re going to finish up with her Bentonville wedding film.

As I mentioned before, Jessica’s wedding took place at the new, super hip 21c hotel in Bentonville. This place is just covered in cool, modern art, and the hotel rooms are beautiful as well.

As far as the setup for the ceremony film, we were a little limited, but things worked out very well. The room wasn’t extremely wide to begin with and then the two rows of chairs went all the way to the wall. To make it more difficult, Jessica packed the house. To get around this, we set up one camera in the back focused on the couple, and we set up two cameras behind the couple, shooting over the officiant’s shoulder. We actually had to dodge a work of art to make this happen, but you do what you do. This isn’t my favorite way to do things, but it turned out in the end.

For the reception, there were some great speeches and some great dancing. At one point, this family of three children, went out and did an organized dance. It looked cool in photos, but the video really captured what they were doing.

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Jessica’s Bentonville wedding film turned out beautifully, just like all of her other photos. I’m so glad we met this couple and could do so much for them.

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