Jessica’s Bentonville Wedding Photos

Jessica’s Creative Wedding Photos

Yesterday I shared Jessica’s beautiful bridal portraits at 21c hotel and museum in Bentonville, and today we’re returning to 21c for Jessica’s wedding photos. The location and the photos were just as awesome as before.

Jessica prepared for the big day upstairs in one of the spacious suites. We did our normal detail shots, and one really special thing was they tied the rings to a Bible, but my favorite photos were once Jessica got dressed. The suite had a giant window and a seat in front of it. We were able to get great shots shooting toward the window and then with my back to the window.

For the ceremony, they used the giant hallway with the paper decorations that we used for the bridal portraits. The place was packed, and it was one of the longest aisles I’ve seen. A few things that stick out in my mind were the flower girl and the ring bearer. The flower girl had the cutest flower arrangement in her hair. Then, the ring bearer was actually Jessica and Cody’s son, and he took a nap in grandpa’s arms during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we found this cool, layered brick wall outside the building for the group photos and the wedding photos of the couple. While all this was going on, the inside of 21c was being transformed. All the chairs were cleared, creating a place for guests to mingle and a buffet to be set out.

Right next to this, they opened up two doors to reveal a giant room. Inside was a color changing dance floor, a bar, and plenty of tables. The groom’s cake was different than anything I’ve seen before. It was a bottle of Tabasco Sauce. I’m not sure what the connection was, but it was still unique.

Later in the night after lots of dancing, someone pulled out glowsticks and mustache stickers. Everyone continued to dance and have fun. One fun thing about 21c is their green penguins. They were all over the place, so one got pulled out on the dance floor.

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Jessica and Cody are unique people and they chose a really unique location for their wedding photos. 21c was great and might not normally be a wedding venue, but I hope I get to go back for more.

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