Jill’s Arkansas Wedding Video

It really is a small world. It seems like every wedding I do I have some connection to the bride or groom. When I met with Jill and her sister, we figured out that they knew my brother. Then, I realized that I went to school with their younger brother. Like said, small world. Anyway, I really enjoyed shooting Jill’s Arkansas wedding video.

Jill’s Arkansas Wedding Video

This was my first time ever shooting at Matt Lane Farm, and I was extremely impressed. From what I understand, this is a relatively new venue, so I imagine I’ll be going there in the future.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was a bunch of wood signs spread out in front of the stone chapel. On each sign was part of a scripture from the Bible. This really set the tone for the wedding and hopefully for their marriage. Everyone was already dressed, so I captured some shots of them doing family portraits.

The chapel was beautiful and worked well for video. About half way down the aisle there is a walkway, so I was able to put a camera on each side in that area and get to them during the ceremony.

The reception was a big party. Everything was set up inside the covered  pavilion, so we stayed in the same place for most of the night. There was a ton of dancing and some lovely decorations. Instead of just a normal cake, they also had a cupcake tower because Jill loves them.

This was an all around good wedding to be at. The venue was beautiful, the decorations and food were perfect, the other vendors were easy to work with, and the couple had such a loving spirit. Jill’s Arkansas wedding video hopefully shows how great this day really was.

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