Jordanne’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video

It’s been awhile since I blogged about Jordanne’s wedding photos, but I just remembered that I hadn’t mentioned their Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video yet. We were lucky to get to do both photos and videos for them, so I’ve got to show their awesome video.

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Video: Tim and Jordanne

Like I mentioned before, their ceremony took place in Bella Vista at the Mildred B. Cooper chapel. It’s a lovely glass chapel in a wooded area.

One of the special parts of the day was a first look with the bride and her father. Photos capture the moment, but I think video really shows the emotion.

One challenged we faced was the layout of the chapel. It’s not a tiny chapel, but there is only a center aisle. Normally I like to put two cameras on the side and aim them at the couple, but without side aisles, it can’t work that way. To fix the problem, we put two cameras up at the back of the stage. We had to have someone stand in so we could aim them. The real problem is that once the ceremony starts, we have no way to check or access the cameras. What ever happens at that point, happens.

Another part of the wedding video that I think is hard to capture was the cuteness of the little kids dancing. The flower girl and ring bearer had their own little dance, and then some of the little boys were going nuts dancing later.

Jordanne’s Cinematic film

Sad to say this is my last blog about this great couple. I always love being involved in weddings of people I know; it just makes it that much more special. Check out their Northwest Arkansas Wedding Videos in the links above to see their lovely day.

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