Josh and Misha’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding

Each Northwest Arkansas wedding is unique, and one thing I love about being a wedding photographer is that I get to see the different personalities and relationships. Some weddings are very calm and laid back, others are very elaborate and focused on the decor, and others are just big partiers. Josh and Misha had a lovely mixture of all three. Overall they were pretty laid back, the wedding was beautiful, and they threw a great party.

Josh and Misha’s Northwest Arkansas Wedding

I first knew it was going to be an interesting day when I met the girls at the Chancellor Hotel. They were laughing and having a good time, and we did all types of goofy things. One bridesmaid had a mustache tattooed on her finger, so we had some fun mustache photos. Later the girls decided to get on the bed and jump. I think that might have been after they all did a shot together. That would make sense.

having your dog at your wedding the kiss at the Garden Room high angle bridal portrait with window light walking down the aisle with two dads first dance with sunset in background girls pretending to kiss groom Dancing with a dinosaur at a wedding Josh and Misha's Northwest Arkansas WeddingThe guys were just as much fun. We met them at The Garden Room, and they were already dressed and ready to go. Josh has such a kind and calm demeanor, but you can really tell he is listening and cares. It’s hard to explain, but he’s a great guy. His brother was more on the goofy side. He showed that throughout the entire night, but what sticks out to me was when he tried to karate kick Josh in the head during family photos (he succeeded by the way).

There were some other awesome surprises throughout the night. On top of the cake was none other than Ninja Turtles! How cool is that? Then, during speeches, they surprised Josh with a video from one of his military friends that couldn’t be there. They also broke out in a sing along to Lean On Me. If all of this wasn’t cool enough, later in the night when everyone was dancing, a dinosaur joined the party. Yep, one of Josh’s friends got into a dinosaur costume, and it was glorious.

I just met with Josh a week ago to deliver their album, and it was great seeing him again and looking through the photos. The wedding was shot back in October, so it was nice to get to relive all the fun moments from their Northwest Arkansas Wedding. I hope they enjoyed the whole process as much as I did.

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