Justin and Cori’s Outdoor Engagement Photos in Fayetteville

I’ve often said how much I love engagement photos, and I really, really do. It’s a great chance to hang out with my couple and to explore and get great photos without the stress of the wedding day. We’ll often go to a few different locations to get some different looks. For Justin and Cori, we did all outdoor engagement photos, but we were able to get several different looks in just two areas.

Justin and Cori’s Outdoor Engagement Photos

This shoot was just so much fun. Justin and Cori are lovely people to be around. They are both laid back, but what stuck out the most to me was how much Cori laughed. She just laughed the whole time, and it just really showed how much she enjoys being with Justin.

Mount Kessler

Justin and Cori suggested going out to Mount Kessler in Fayetteville. I had never been there before so I was game. To my surprise, there were a bunch of ball fields where we met up. I’m guessing there’s a bunch of trails around there, but we used what we had. Around all the ball fields were woods, so we were able to create some really cool stuff just there. We had this rock to sit on, a stream that we were barely able to get across, this big whole in the ground, and then a field with high, golden grass.

Justin and Cori's Outdoor Engagement Photos Engagement photos standing in a creek couple sitting and laughing during engagement engagement photos in a field while picking her up

We really were only about 100 yards from the parking lot, and we didn’t move more than 100 yards in any direction. I was really impressed with what all we could do in that one small area. I know there has to be more to Mount Kessler, so I’m planning on going back and exploring in the future.

Wilson Park

Our second stop was Wilson Park in Fayetteville. I’ve used Wilson Park for countless shoots, but I still always find a way to make something new. Over by the castle is a bridge. I had seen this bridge several times but never done anything with it. I had Justin leaning against one of the walls with Cori hugging into him. After moving around a bit, I noticed that the wall was curved and created this really interesting look. They turned out to be some of my favorites.

engagement photo with silhouette and sun couple together on a bride hugging romantic engagement photo on bridge

These two rocked their outdoor engagement photos! We created some truly original photos that were packed full of emotion and had a good time doing it. I also found a new place to shoot, so that’s always a plus. Justin and Cori will be getting married in October so be on the lookout for more amazing photos of these two!

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