Kala and Braden’s Post Wedding Portraits

Normally I post all regular portrait sessions on my portrait website, but Kala and Braden session was really post wedding portraits. Originally we had thought about doing bridals, but Kala decided she’d rather do this instead. Either way, I was just happy to hang out with them. If you don’t remember these guys, check out their wedding.

Kala and Braden’s Post Wedding Portraits

Kala and Braden are interesting enough to hang out with by themselves, but for this shoot, they brought their two dogs. Their dogs had so much energy. Braden would throw a frisbee and they’d just take off after it. One of the dogs was a little better behaved, but really both were pretty easy to work with as dogs go.

We were on the U of A campus, so we hit up most of the normal places. We spent the majority of our time on Old Main lawn because it had the most space for the dogs to be dogs. From there, we went over the the fountain. I’m really surprised the dogs didn’t try to get in the water. If they were labs, they would have been all over that. Kala and Braden sat on the edge while the dogs just sat and watched. Our last destination was the walkway that heads north to the giant gate or whatever it is. We did some walking photos to get some movement from the dogs. Braden couldn’t help himself. He went for the butt squeeze as they walked away. If you know Braden, that’s pretty normal. The last few shots were of the group crouched down together nice and close. It worked well because everyone was on the same level and could kind of hug in.

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This was my last session with Kala and Braden, but hopefully I will be seeing more of them. Braden is a fellow wedding vendor with Razorbooths, so I bet we will be at some of the same weddings. One last exciting detail about this shoot and the couple, they are now expecting! How exciting is that?

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