Katelyn’s Fayetteville Bridal Photos

Bridal photos are not the most popular thing I do, but I really believe you can create some beautiful images and they can be used in the wedding. Katelyn’s bridal portraits did just that thing.

We shot her bridal photos in the same location of her wedding, out on her family’s land, so we had free reign over everything and a lot of options. Coming into their house, there’s a curvy dirt road, so I used that to lead up to Katelyn. Then, we moved probably 20 feet to have her sit on a rock wall. Her dress poofed up a bit, but it still turned out in the end. For our next set of photos, we moved over to the red barn and used it as a backdrop. The last area was the yard. One area was wide open and grassy. The second part was shaded and with trees. There was this one spot that the sun was shinning through and highlighting, so I had Katelyn stand right in it. Everything around her was dark, and she was lit up like she was in a spotlight. I did have to edit a cat out of the shot, but this one turned out to be my favorite of the day.

A Special Idea for Bridal Photos

Katelyn had a really cute idea for her bridal photos. She had a sign with a message to her future husband. She held the sign up and I took a really tight shot, so all you could see was her face. She had this shot printed up and delivered to Cody on the wedding day, so he could see her message.

I’m really glad we decided to do these bridal photos that day because on the wedding day, it rained, making it difficult to do a whole lot of portraits. It also gave the couple more time to interact and party with their guests. A big bonus for these sessions. Katelyn's bridal photos sign for groom Katelyn's bridal photos dirt road red flowers Katelyn's bridal photos sitting Katelyn's bridal photos red barn Katelyn's bridal photos by trees Katelyn's bridal photos dirt road Katelyn's bridal photos high angle

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