Dramatic photo of bride dancing at night with a full moon

Katie & Mark’s Rustic Wedding

I had some real personalities in 2017. There were some really goofy guys, some crazy parties, and just a lot of laughs. Katie and Mark have a wickedly fun personality, and I loved being around them. You might remember them from their hilarious engagement shoot where we did a little Star Wars pose and a few other things. Well, their rustic wedding was just as much fun and fit who they were.

The location for the whole wedding was interesting by itself. I don’t know the whole story, but the land belonged to a fellow teacher, and they have several large pastures and horses. In one area, they had a big white tent set up for the reception and for people to hang out in. The ceremony was in another area. It was a pretty simple setup but it worked perfectly.

Katie & Mark’s Rustic Wedding

As I probably mentioned before, Katie is a teacher at Fayetteville High School, so we knew a lot of the same people. It was great seeing all of them, and a few of them even helped run the whole thing.

Rustic wedding cake with dramatic lighting

There were so many interesting moments throughout the day. There was the annoying bee that kept flying around during the ceremony until the best man smashed it in his hands. Then you had the giant bonfire at night. I don’t know how high it went, but it was a sight to see. My favorite memories were probably of Katie dancing. She is one of the dance coaches, so it makes sense that she likes to dance, but there’s just something about her dancing. She’s just so free and enjoying life. She really didn’t care, and I think that’s a big part of her personality.

rustic wedding with bride dancing in the dark with full moon

It was quite the day. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with all the teachers and Katie and Mark. We created some really cool images during their rustic wedding, and I got to see two cool people get married. Perfect day!

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