Kenny and Hannah’s Arkansas Engagement Photos

My first teaching job ever was in the little town of Mayflower, Arkansas. This was roughly 7 years ago. Back in the day, I was a football and softball coach, so it was a much different world than now. In the past three years or so, I’ve had several of my former students and players get married and asked me to shoot their wedding. I love doing this! I get a chance to see and catch up with people from my past and shoot in a different area than I normally do. Recently, I shot Kenny, a former football player, and Hannah’s Arkansas engagement photos.

Arkansas Engagement Photos: Mayflower shoot

Their engagement session was quite unique. First of all, it was a two-part session. For part one, we shot in Mayflower at the high school. I was already in town for another former student/player wedding, Bailey and Trey, so I figured I’d make full use of my travel time and get some photos while I was there. Kenny and Hannah were high school sweethearts, so they wanted their engagement photos to reflect that. We started in a classroom to do some special shots. We moved a few desks together and had them pass a note with “Will you marry me?” on it. I shot their hands under the desk passing the note, and then I put her ring on the note for a few shots.  Next, we moved to the hallway to use the lockers. One shot was just them hanging out on the lockers, but in another shot, they put old photos in the locker and held out some more. Our last area was the football field. They had a cool idea to use jersey numbers to create the date of the wedding. I also used a football for another ring shot.

Arkansas Engagement Photos: Fayetteville Shoot

The second shoot was a few weeks later, and they travelled to Fayetteville to see me, and they even brought friends. We used the University of Arkansas campus, which is always a great spot. Hannah and Kenny are pretty goofy, so I was laughing during most of the session. One shot we tried messing around with was a silhouette. I placed them on a hill with strong light behind them. I ended up shooting it both ways, and I think I like the non-silhouette version better. My favorite shots were the last ones we did. At that point, the light was much nicer, so we got a backlight on them instead of having to just hide in the shade.

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Kenny and Hannah’s Arkansas engagement photos were different than most of my engagement sessions. I loved shooting in my old school and getting to show them Fayetteville. Their wedding isn’t until next year, but I’m already looking forward to it.    

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