Kevin and Suke’s Arkansas Wedding Video

School has started again, so my blogging has fallen to the wayside once more. I’m going to try my very best to blog at least once a week to keep from being totally behind and overwhelmed. A good month ago I blogged about Kevin and Suke’s wedding photos, and today I’m back to show everyone their beautiful Arkansas wedding video.

Kevin and Suke’s Arkansas Wedding Video

It’s always a challenge to do photos and video, but I love having someone else come along with me, especially when it’s like an hour drive. Rebecca came along and did a great job with everything. I was so happy to have her.

Thornecrown Chapel is a beautiful, beautiful place, but it does have some challenges for video. Most venues or churches are large enough to have cameras placed at the side of the aisles. Well, Thornecrown doesn’t have any room on the outside of the aisles for cameras, so we had to improvise. Lucky for us, there was room toward the back of the stage for two cameras. We placed one on each side, hidden behind some pillars, so we could get good tight, side angles of the couple.

There was a lot going on during the reception. People were having a good time, we had some funny speeches, and then lots of dancing. The dance floor was pretty full as soon as they opened it up after dinner.

Unfortunately,  we didn’t get to stay the entire night to see how things ended, but during the small time we were there, we were able to capture some really wonderful moments, and I was extremely proud of how their Arkansas wedding video turned out.

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