bridal portrait in the Ravington courtyard

Kourtny’s bridal session at the Ravington

Yay! I can share Kourtny’s bridal session now! That’s always the hardest part about bridal sessions…the waiting! Well, the wait is over, so I’m excited to show off Kourtny’s bridal session at the Ravington.

Kourtny’s bridal session at the Ravington

Kourtney is awesome! You might remember her from her engagement session back about 6 months ago. Both Kourtny and Chris were in Mayflower when I was teaching and coaching there. I had Chris in football, but I didn’t really know Kourtny, just her brother. Anyway, it’s been so much fun seeing these two all grown up and being part of their wedding.

window of bridal suite at the Ravingtonwhite bridal suitebridal portrait in a mirror

The Ravington is always beautiful, so I knew we’d have a great time. A lot of wedding dresses have tons of bling and ruffles, but Kourtny’s dress was very simple and smooth. I think it worked perfect for her and her personality.

bridal shot on stairs of Ravington


As always, there were a few difficulties we had to overcome. The first one was her necklace. It had somehow got twisted and tied in a knot. My hands were way to big to try to fix it. Luckily, Kourtny brought a friend to take care of it. Next, it was a bit wet outside, so we tried to do most things inside first.

front door of the Ravingtonsilhouette bridal portrait in doorwaybridal portrait in the Ravington courtyard

We worked in the bridal suite, the entrance, and in front of the large green doors. We even went upstairs and did some fun shots in the guys’ area. They’ve got this cool raven portrait and all these leather chairs. It’s a great place for the guys.

groom's room at the Ravington

After all of that, we went outside. I just love the courtyard at the Ravington. It’s got all this stone work and lights. It’s really amazing at night! We also used the giant ivy wall behind the building.

wide shot of brick at the Ravingtonbridal portrait with bricks and ivy

Kourtny’s bridal session at the Ravington was relatively quick. I think we were there maybe an hour and a half. It always amazes me at what you can get done if you have an awesome client, someone to help, and really move. I loved this whole session, and I can’t wait to share her wedding day as well.

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