Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding at Matt Lane Farm

Life has finally slowed down for us with weddings and seniors. My next big thing is a bridal show coming up on the 22nd, but I’m also trying to get caught up on blogging about all my 2016 weddings. Today we’re covering a good one: Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding at Matt Lane Farm.

Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding at Matt Lane Farm

I’ve really enjoyed working at Matt Lane Farm the past year. It’s one of the newer venues, but it has become popular quick. You might remember Drew and Marianna’s wedding there, and that’s also where we shot Kristen and Kevin’s engagement photos. It’s got a lot of variety and plenty of class.

I really enjoyed meeting both Kristen and Kevin. They’re both really laid back but fun to be around. Kevin played football, so that’s always a big talking point for me. His brother is also a football coach, so it was easy to get along with everybody.

One special thing we just randomly set up was a first look between the father of the bride with Kristen. We’ve done this before in the past, but this was more of a quick decision as we were going about things. We used the aisle in the chapel, and it turned out to be a very sweet moment between the two of them. I think this is something I’m going to start suggesting more often with my couples.

There were some really funny moments during the reception. The first was a surprise for me. In the middle of the father/daughter dance, the dad broke out in a crazy dance. I can’t remember the song, but it was hilarious. At another point, the couple played a game. Each person had one of their own shoes and one of the other person’s. They were asked questions and had to raise the shoe to show which person matches their answer. For instance, “Who is messier?” Each would raise the shoe of the person they thought was messier. It gets pretty funny.

Another thing that was interesting about this wedding was the exit. The planned exit was a balloon release. So basically as they exited the chapel people would release helium balloons. Well, Kristen and Kevin were doing a last dance and everyone had the balloons in hand. Kristen ended up losing a few in her hands as they danced so Kevin just motioned for everyone to let them go. This wasn’t expected but still turned out cool. We were left without an exit but we figured it out. There were a bunch of glow sticks sitting around, so we just used those instead. As they exited people waved them around. It wasn’t what we planned but you always have to be prepared to adjust.

Coordinator: Angela Clark Events

Dress: She Said Yes

Desserts: Briar Rose

Cake: Harps

Rings: Helzberg

Kristen and Kevin’s Wedding at Matt Lane Farm was the last wedding we had at that location for 2016, so it was a good way to close it out. I loved their personalities and everything about the big day. It was a wedding to remember. I mean, how many times am I going to switch pants with a groom? If you don’t understand, check out the engagement post. Seriously though, I was really happy to be part of this big day.

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