Sunset at Cypress Barn in Siloam Springs

Leana and Andrew: Cypress Barn Wedding

I love my wedding vendor friends! It’s so much fun to have people I know at weddings and that are easy to work with. They also introduce me to some amazing couples. That was the case with Leana and Andrew. They are from California, so it was unlikely they would find me if it weren’t for the help of Angela Clark. She’s one of my planner friends and because of her, I got to work with this amazing couple on their Cypress Barn wedding.

Leana and Andrew: Cypress Barn Wedding

This was a special wedding. First of all, like I said, they came from California. Andrew used to live here but Leana and a good chunk of the guests had to travel. Second, Leana and Andrew were really already married. I don’t know all the details, but they got married before, but this was going to be the real celebration. Third, Leana and Andrew had children already, including two little twin boys! All of this combined made for a really fun day.

Dress hanging at Cypress Barn Girls holding home made flowers bride and son under veil

The whole day took place at Cypress Barn in Siloam Springs. I had sent my video people out there once a few years back, but this was my first wedding there. There’s not a lot to the place, but it really is nice. There’s basically a parking lot and field surrounding the barn. Inside, you have a large open space with a bridal suite in the back and a kitchen. Really, that’s all you need.

Sunset at Cypress Barn in Siloam Springs Bride and Groom in field at Cypress Barn Groom dipping bride with shadows black and white portrait of bride hugging groom

Cypress Barn worked perfectly for the day. The ceremony was in the field right next to the barn, we used a few different spots surrounding the barn for all of our portraits, and the whole reception took place inside the barn. It was easy to go from one spot to the next and we had plenty of room for everything.

First dance at Cypress Barn dancing at Cypress Barn Wedding people dancing at Cypress Barn Cypress Barn Wedding

This was such a nice day! Everyone was so laid back and fun to work with. I’m really glad Angela recommended me and I got to meet Leana and Andrew. Their Cypress Barn wedding was a nice one for my first California couple and my first time at that location.

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