Wedding Photographers Need to Master their Equipment

I’ve often talked about how important weddings are and how big a responsibility photographing one is. That’s why it makes me so sad to hear stories of people just deciding to be wedding photographers without the proper gear, education or experience. If you go into a wedding unprepared, there’s a good chance you’re going to screw something up. I had this fact reinforced to me at a recent wedding. I was trying to do some creative work and I couldn’t find a setting in my camera. I messed around with it for a good two minutes before I had to give up and continue. The shot still worked in the end, but things might have been better if I could have found that setting. The point I’m really trying to stress is that wedding photographers need to master their equipment. Knowing the basics isn’t enough.

Wedding Photographers Need to Master their Equipment

It doesn’t matter what type of job your in, if you find someone that’s been doing something long enough and is really good at it, he or she will be extremely comfortable with his or her tools. Think about a professional drummer. They can spin those things around and toss them up all while playing. I’ve also seen a video of Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball on the club. Wedding photographers need to have the same level of comfort with all their gear. It needs to become part of them; something they just naturally do.

Wedding Photographers Need to Master their Equipment

I feel pretty comfortable with all my gear. Sometimes I freak people out with the looseness I carry my camera. I might have two in my arm while I’m carrying a bunch of other gear in another arm. Once I handed my camera to a person and she acted like it was a baby. Just made me laugh. My hands have been taught how to do things effortlessly. I’ll often be looking through the camera and using my thumb to change all types of things. What I can do in a few seconds might take the untrained person a minute or two. This all comes back to practice though.

learning to master flash photography

With all that said, I still need to learn more about my camera and get better with it. Cameras have all types of buttons, dials, and features, and besides figuring out that one setting I struggled to find, I also just figured out another one that’s going to make my life easier. If I’m still learning, I’m sure there are plenty of other photographers out there that have a ton to learn. So, I really do believe Wedding Photographers Need to Master their Equipment, and if you’re getting into the business, please make sure you start that journey.

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