Lincoln Arkansas Wedding: Sarah and Brian

Big or small, I love weddings. I’ve already talked about a few other small weddings I’ve had recently, but Sarah and Brian’s Lincoln Arkansas wedding had a different feel than the others.

Sarah and Brian’s Lincoln Arkansas wedding

stained glass windows in chapel

The first thing that was really interesting was the location. We were in a small church in Lincoln. It definitely had that small-town feel to it, which is what they wanted. They didn’t want a big group of people and a lot of stress. I was really surprised by the chapel. Inside it was lovely. There were stained glass windows on three different sides and the whole place looked brand new.

father and son before weddinggroom leaning against wall

Before the ceremony, I had time to snap some shots of Brian and his son. It was really sunny at that point, so I used the shade of the building to make things work. We were also in the city, so it was a bit of a struggle to avoid houses and other things in the background.

bride walking down with brotherbride and groom during ceremony

The ceremony had some great moments. Sarah’s father had passed, so she was walked down by her brother. I know it’s not the same as being walked down by your dad, but I think it’s really special to have someone else there to fill in. There were quite a few giggles during the ceremony as well. Apparently, Sarah has quite the personality, so that was mentioned a few times and she made some great faces in response.

wedding cakebride on stagebride in front of stained glass windowbride and groom outside

After the ceremony, we spent a few minutes doing couple portraits, but again, it was so bright outside it was hard to do much. I ended up finding a spot inside the chapel and the reception hall to do something a little creative. The rest of my time there was spent at the reception. It was very low key. People were eating and talking and just enjoying it all.

I think I was only there for 2 or 3 hours, but I really got a feel for the couple and the area. It was a beautiful small wedding, and I hope it was everything they wanted!

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