Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo

I’ve had a lot of things going on lately: weddings, planning a styled shoot, The Ravington’s opening party, and some other things. One of the big things just got knocked off my list this last Sunday. I traveled to the Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo.

Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo

Bridal shows are always a big deal for me. I care a lot about my company and the image we portray, so I always want to have everything perfect and looking nice. This can be very stressful and involve a lot of planning. Well, that stressed got tripled this time because I had to travel three hours for the show. This way I had to make sure everything was ready and I wasn’t missing anything before I left Fayetteville.

Normally we build a giant wooden wall to display photos, but this wasn’t going to work with the travel and the fact that my father, the carpenter, wasn’t going to be there to construct it. Instead, I found this wire grid panel used for hanging commercial products. We were able to connect them together into two rows to make a 18ft wall. Then, we hung up our prints on them.

Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo booth setup
My booth for the Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo

Things went pretty smoothly as far as the assembly. Once we figured out a pattern, we moved pretty quickly. The only real issue was that we just didn’t have enough time. It took us three hours to unload everything and get it upstairs and then assemble it. I ended up rushing to get dressed and got in right before the crowd entered. I really wanted to hang about 6 more photos, but we just didn’t have time, and I couldn’t do it during the show.

I enjoyed the show. For two hours, we had a steady stream of people, and I had some great conversations with them. In the down time, there were some competitions and a fashion show to keep things interesting.

Bridal shows are a strange beast, and the Little Rock Kiss the Bride Expo is no different. Things seemed to go pretty smoothly, but in the end, all that really matters is how many weddings I book from the show. If things go smoothly, I’ll probably be doing some more shows in Little Rock.

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