Live Streaming a Funeral or Memorial Service

The world has changed so much in the past 6 months since Covid hit. Weddings were one of those areas that really got thrown around. People were not allowed to have weddings at first, and now, numbers are still limited. When all of this hit, a new thing popped up: live streaming. We have streamed several wedding ceremonies, and it has been wonderful to be able to offer that to our couples. Lately, though, we have been doing something else as well: Live Streaming a Funeral or Memorial Service.

Live Streaming a Funeral or Memorial Service

One of the worst things about Covid is that it keeps people away from each other. Missing a wedding is a horrible thing, but think about how sad you would be if someone passed and you couldn’t be there at the funeral. That is the real situation for many people. Traveling right now for some just isn’t an option. Live Streaming the memorial service allows them to stay at home, but they can still be part of it, and say their goodbyes.

What do you need to Live Stream a Memorial Service?

There are a few things you’ll need to make the live stream work. The basics is a camera and a way to put it on the internet. The simplest way would be to use a phone and Facebook. This does work, but it won’t be the best quality, and someone will have to hold the phone the entire time.

Lots of camera equipment

What do you get when you hire a company to Live Stream a Memorial Service?

A better option would be to hire someone to do it for you. When we live stream a wedding or a funeral, we use multiple professional cameras and professional audio. Our cameras have zoom lenses, so we are able to get in close and having multiple cameras lets us get different angles. It also means everyone else can focus on the service and not worry about it.

professional camera for live streaming

Where to do Live Streaming?

As far as streaming goes, we normally use a private Facebook group or YouTube. Lately, we’ve been doing YouTube more, so the viewers don’t have to have a Facebook account. We simply send out a link, and they click it. The only issue with YouTube is that if the stream gets interrupted, the link is no longer good. To fix that, we’ve been setting up a backup stream and link that they can go to if the first one goes down.

live streaming a funeral

Ask Permission to Live Stream a Funeral

A few other things to think about before live streaming a funeral or memorial service. Ask permission. Talk to the people closest to the deceased. Do they want this online for people to see? Do they want people seeing them grieving? Also, make sure to ask the church to see if it’s allowed and any rules on camera placement. So churches are very strict about what they allow, so it’s better to ask first.

It really makes me sad that people can’t travel as much or visit people in the hospital these days. I sure hope Covid and the restrictions go away soon, so life can get back to normal. For now, we are doing what we can, and I really am happy that we have been able to help people out by live streaming funerals and memorial services.

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