Looking for Photo Locations in Arkansas

Life is about to get crazy! I think I have 6 weddings in June. Besides that, I’ve got several engagement sessions, and I’m doing a ton of bridals. I’m really excited about all I’ve got going on. I’ve been photographing in Northwest Arkansas about 10 years, so I’ve hit a lot of the same places, so I’m want something new. I’m looking for photo locations in Arkansas. Any help would be appreciated.

Looking for Photo Locations in Arkansas

My first thought is to use any new venues that I haven’t worked at. There aren’t a ton of those left. There’s the Record in Bentonville, Willow Brooke Farm in Huntsville, the Apollo in Springdale, or the Grandeur House in Little Rock. Each one is very different, so it would create a completely different look and feel. You’ve got modern, rustic, classic, and elegant.


Besides venues, I’m looking for other outdoor locations. I still haven’t been out to the point at Devil’s Den. I went there once but the mile hike, but we didn’t bring the right shoes for the mile hike. I’m also hoping to do something soon at Whitaker Point/Hawksbill Crag. It looks beautiful! I know there are plenty of other natural spots, but I’m not sure where to head.

Engagement Photos at Devil's Den

One of the main things that limits me is trespassing. I don’t really like breaking the law, so I always want to have permission before I go somewhere. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the owner and get permission. There are even some limits on public property. Some places won’t let you set anything down like a light stand. The other issue is dealing with really popular places and avoiding all the people.

bride and groom in downtown Prairie Grove

I’m really hoping to do something cool in the next few months. I’m going to continue scouting and looking for photo locations in Arkansas, but please, if you have any good idea, let me know. I’m open to most things as long as it’s not 6 hours from Fayetteville. Thanks as always, and I’ll make sure to share what happens.

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