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MagBox Review for Wedding Photographers

About a week or so ago, I put up my initial thoughts on my new camera, the Nikon Z6. After doing that, I realized I haven’t written any gear reviews in a long time. Now, I know a lot of my normal readers probably don’t care about photography gear, so feel free to scroll through the photos and then stop reading. Hopefully, though, there are some fellow photographers out there that will read this and it will help them. With all of that said, let’s jump in my my MagBox Review.

MagBox Review for Wedding Photographers

If you’re a wedding photographer, you’ve most likely heard of MagMod. It’s become one of the biggest photography accessory companies out there. These guys have revolutionized the way people use flash. I’ve been using them for several years, and all of their products rock! In brief, they create products that modify flashes and light. This is nothing new, but their big idea is the use of magnets. This allows for switching things extremely quickly instead of having to push and pull and unscrew things. All you do is pop them on and pop them off!

engagements with view of mountains

I’ve been using different octaboxes for a while, and I really love them. The common problems I’ve found are assembling them and keeping them from flying away in the wind. The MagBox doesn’t really have that problem. One, it opens like an umbrella, You reach in and it pops open. This is twenty times better than having to insert rods and putting it together like the old days. The MagBox also isn’t gigantic. It’s maybe two feet across, so it doesn’t get blown around as much by the wind. It’s much easier to anchor it and not have to worry. The only downside to the size is the light isn’t as soft as some of my 5 foot octaboxes. I can live with that, though.


The MagBox has a few other features that are really nice. The diffuser that attaches to the front of the box has little magnets spread around the rim. This makes attaching it easy and it stays on! I’ve had so many diffusers that are a pain.

The Magbox is built to be used with two flashes. The cool thing is you can basically use any flash you want as long as the rubber MagGrip fits on it. I’ve used smaller flashes and my bigger flashes depending on the situation. The magnets hold the flash in place, but as extra security, there are locks that strap the flashes in.


MagMod put out another product at the same time that I got with my MagBox. It’s the Magshoe. It’s the adapter that attaches to the light stand and you put the MagBox or another flash on it. This is nothing new, but the big change is how you can adjust the angle. Normally, you have to loosen things and then change it. The Magshoe has a pistol grip that you pull and then you can change the angle. Like most MagMod products, this makes things faster.


MagMod is awesome, and the MagBox is another great product that has changed the way I photograph weddings. If you’re into using flash, I suggest you check it out!

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