Miller’s Lab for Wedding Photographers

Some photographers print their photos all the time, and that’s all they sell to clients. I’ve mainly been a digital file person for the longest time, but I’m slowly moving toward mainly using prints. The first step was having an album for every wedding package. When I started that, I found a great print lab, Miller’s. Now I’ve praised them before in some shorter blog posts, but I’m going to try to explain why to use Miller’s Lab for wedding photographers. 

Miller’s Lab for Wedding Photographers

The first thing I look for in a print company is variety of products. Do they have a lot of cool things or do they just offer a few prints? Is there something new out there or something that is only sold by this company? They got a little bit of everything. They got prints, albums, books, cards, USBs, wood boxes, banners, and so much more. I probably won’t ever buy half of those things, but it has gotten me thinking at least about what I can offer.

The next thing is quality. Are the products good looking and will they last? I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of their Signature Albums and their prints. The albums have been handled by tons of people over the past few years, and they still look the same. As for prints, they look at each one to make sure the color matches, so I don’t have to worry about that. If something is wrong, they will quickly fix it.

This next one might seem silly, but it’s really my favorite thing about Miller’s. They turn things around so quickly. With every order, there is a free overnight shipping! I’ve ordered albums and literally had them in hand in two days. That’s crazy. For photographers this is great. There are a lot of times where a client will decide they want a print a few days before a wedding. This leaves me with the option of running to Walmart or maybe a local store and hope it gets done in time or I can just use Miller’s. I think the choice is obvious. It also amazes your clients. When you tell them they’ll have it in two days right after they ok the layout, they are blown away, and they will brag to everyone.

There are a few extras that don’t really fit into anywhere, so I’m just going to throw them here. Miller’s is only for professionals. You might wonder why that matters. Well, if the clients were able to see how much you paid for something, they’d probably question why you charge so much more. Yes, you could explain how it’s part of your whole pricing plan and you aren’t charging for other things, but in the end, it just causes more problems. If they don’t know how much something costs, the better. It also means they can’t order things themselves. They have to use you. The last thing that pops out in my head is that they do offer some boutique packaging. I’m not great with presentation, so it’s a simple way to package prints and make it nice and neat.

Miller's Lab for Wedding Photographers business cards

As of now, I’m using Miller’s for almost everything I do. I just received two sets of business cards (ordered them Sunday night and today is Tuesday) and they are rocking. Miller’s lab for wedding photographers is a no brainer. These guys know what they are doing, and they are going to make your business that much better. Check them out!

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