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Mini Engagement Session: Katie and Clarke

Way back in June, I decided to do something interesting for my birthday. I did a super great deal on mini engagements to benefit Sheep Dog Impact Assistance. I ended up booking several of them, and I had a great time meeting and working with these couples. Katie and Clarke were phenomenal! I’m so excited to share their mini engagement session.

Mini Engagement Session: Katie and Clarke

Going into this engagement shoot, I didn’t know a single thing about Katie and Clarke. I had talked to Katie through emails, but I didn’t really find out anything about them. Normally on an engagement shoot, I have a lot of time to ask questions. These shoots were short, so I really had to move quickly while still getting to know them and make them feel comfortable. I found out that Clarke works for J.B. Hunt, which is cool, but even cooler, Katie works for the news station!

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It was really fun watching Katie and Clarke interact. They had done some photos with the proposal, so Clarke had been coached on what to do. That made my life easier, but there was just something there between them that really sparked in the photos. My favorite photo was when Clarke picked her up. I had him give her a little dip and swing and I’m not sure if it scared her or if it was fun, but she has a big grin on her face.

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What amazes me is how much we got done in a short amount of time. The session was maybe 30 minutes long, but we got at least 10-20 shots, 3-5 backgrounds, and who knows how many poses. It was a bit fast-paced, but still, most of my engagement sessions last an hour and a half, so pretty impressive.

engagement photo with girl picked upengagement photos girl laughingI’ll be sharing another one of these mini engagement sessions in the next few days. I’m not sure if I’ll do the mini engagement sessions again in the future, but it was a joy to get to meet Katie and Clarke.

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