wedding portrait at mount sequoyah

Mount Sequoyah Wedding: Andy and Reagan

Some weddings are small and laid back. People just kind of hang out and chat and then the night is over. Andy and Reagan’s Mount Sequoyah wedding and Mermaid’s reception was not one of those. There were a ton of people and it was a crazy event from start to finish.

Mount Sequoyah Wedding: Andy and Reagan

The wedding party can really set the stage for a wedding and impact the entire night. Well, their wedding party was huge, and the guys and gals knew how to have a good time. When I first showed up, the guys were hanging around in towels and drinking. Eventually there was karaoke, more drinking, and lots of jokes and laughing. The girls were a little bit more reserved, but that didn’t last for long.

Wedding dress hanging on a door outside Bride and Bridesmaids hugging Groomsmen jumping into the air Black and white portrait of the groom low key

The ceremony was packed full of people and was very sweet and emotional. If you haven’t been there, the ceremony site at Mount Sequoyah is pretty wide open, which makes the big reveal of the bride difficult. They fixed that. They brought in the really cool doors, and then threw them open for Reagan and her father. I’m not sure about Andy, but pretty sure Reagan shed a few tears.

bride entering through the doors and walking down the aisle at a Mount sequoyah Wedding bride and groom hugging close high angle portrait of bride and groom

wedding portrait at mount sequoyah silhouette wedding portrait at mount sequoyah

Oh man, the party really got started after the ceremony. They had a party bus to drive that huge wedding party around. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to ride with them because I’m sure something epic happened. The receptions was at Mermaids and there had to be 200 people in there. These weren’t the sit around type of people either. The dance floor was full the entire night, people were up having drinks and socializing and using the photo booth. It was awesome. One of my favorite parts was there were two dance battles. One really good one between a groomsmen and the ring bearer and then more of a funny one between the same groomsmen and an usher.

Wedding cake with balloons and a sign groomsmen dancing and sliding crazy wedding dancing on the floor

I always like creating a special portrait for my couple, but there weren’t a lot of great backgrounds around Mermaids. We had to come up with something unique. I decided to do a long exposure. The road right by Mermaids is a really popular road, so I knew there would be a lot of traffic. I took Andy and Reagan to the top of the hill so the road would be in the background. The result was a photo with the streaks of the cards driving behind. Pretty cool.

Long exposure wedding photo with cars Glow stick wedding exit

This day was epic. I had a lot of fun with some crazy people. We got some really cool photos and a wedding video. This might have been the best Mount Sequoyah wedding ever, and I’m sure Mermaid’s was impressed as well. I’ve got 8 straight weeks of weddings coming up, and I hope some of them can match this awesomeness!

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