My Favorite Wedding Weight Loss Programs

I know I said last time that this was my last post about losing weight for a wedding, but I had one more thing that I wanted to share. So previously I talked about the science behind weight loss, then the diet side of it, and I ended with exercise. All of the info I gave before is great, but I thought I’d make it simpler. There are several  weight loss programs out there that guide you on all the aspects I mentioned before. They aren’t necessarily wedding weight loss programs, but they will get the job done.

I’m a bit of a home workout freak. I’ve tried probably about 10 different home workout programs over the past 7 years, so I’m going to talk about my favorites and go through some of the benefits and challenges of each.

First of all, why should you do a home workout program? My favorite reason is time. It takes time to pack up and go to a gym. Then you get there and you have to wait in line to use equipment. For me, I walk out to my garage and just go. In the time it takes most people to get to a gym, I’m almost done. Besides time, it might also be more comfortable at home. Some people don’t like going to gyms because they feel judged. At home, you don’t have 20 people watching you. One last reason is a home workout program can save you money. Most of the programs cost about $120. Depending on your gym, you might be paying that much for 2-4 months. Some programs require equipment, which would be an additional cost, but not all do, and I’ll talk about cheaper alternatives.

My favorite Wedding Weight Loss Programs

My favorite programs are P90x, Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and Body Beast. P90x takes about 70 minutes a day, but it has great variety and is challenging. You’ll be lifting weights, doing cardio, yoga, and martial arts. You’ll need weights or a resistance band, and probably a yoga mat. Insanity is exactly how it sounds. With Insanity, you need no equipment because you use your body. It is very high intensity and will destroy you. Each workout lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Insanity Asylum is similar to Insanity, but it has more variety. You don’t just focus on cardio every single day. With Asylum, you have a strength day and you focus more on sports performance. Body Beast is a weight lifting program. It’s mainly aimed at body builders, but as I said earlier, girls won’t bulk up. This one requires the most equipment. You need a set of weights. It does have one cardio workout, so you could technically use it more if you wanted.

Short on time?

If you don’t have a lot of time, there are a few programs that take very little time. The shortest is 10 Minute Trainer. Each workout is 10 minutes, but truthfully, they tell you to do 3 different workouts a day. It’s by the creator of P90x, so it has some similarities to that program. He also created P90x3, which is a 30 minute version of P90x. In my opinion, it isn’t as great as the original. Insanity’s creator also came out with T25 and Max 30. The numbers describe the time. T25 is more about repetition and reminds me of an aerobic class, while Max 30 is more intense and similar to Insanity.

All of these programs tell you which workouts to do and they also come with a diet guide. Some diet guides will tell you exactly what to eat while others will just give you a bunch of recipes. In general, the food is pretty good. I’ve done all of the programs I’ve mentioned, and I believe each one works. Simply follow their instructions, and you will have a successful wedding weight loss program.

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