My Own Photography Office

My Own Photography Office

I’m getting close to the year and a half mark for being a full time photographer, and I’ve got a big change coming up. I’ve always worked out of my house, doing my editing at home and meetings somewhere else, but soon, I will have my own photography office! I’m pumped!

My Own Photography Office

My office isn’t going to be a traditional one, but I’m ok with that. I am actually taking over my father’s office. My parents have a house by them that they rent out, and underneath is my father’s office. Well, he decided to build himself another one, so his old one is open. Honestly, this is probably the only way I was going to get an office. Renting a real office would cost me more than it’s worth. I’m sure I’ll still be paying my father, but it will be nowhere near the cost of renting a real place.

Having an office is going to change a lot of things. First, and most importantly, my third child will now have a room. For the past year, Oliver has been sleeping in Juliet’s room, and Juliet has been bunking with Holden. There is a lot of ruckus that goes on an night, so I can’t wait to have them separate again. Second, I’ll be able to separate work from home. Right now, I basically can work all the time. When I move all my stuff into the office, I won’t work as much at home. Third, I’ll have a place to meet with people. Coffee places are nice, but they can be crowded, and it’s hard to make it comfortable for people. I plan on getting a few couches and possibly a projector or big screen to look at images with clients.

My Own Photography Office
Still have lots of work to do

We are getting really close to having the office prepared. We moved the majority of my father’s stuff out two weeks ago. Now we just have to get the rest out and clean. Then I can start moving things in. I’m still not sure on the layout, so that will be another thing to figure out. It might still be a few weeks, but I’m excited to get my own office.

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