Sunset photo of bride at Cane Hill College

New Arkansas Wedding Venue: Historic Cane Hill College

When you’re planning a wedding, one of the first things brides do is look for a venue. Northwest Arkansas is pretty amazing and has a lot of options, but it’s always cool to see a new Arkansas wedding venue. Well, a new one just opened up, and I was lucky to get in there early and get to do some things before anyone else even knew about it. Let me share my fun adventure at the Historic Cane Hill College.

New Arkansas Wedding Venue: Historic Cane Hill College

I honestly don’t remember who everything got started. I believe Tom, who helps run the place, called me one afternoon just to tell me about the venue. When he started tell me about the new venue, I was instantly interested, and maybe a week later, I drove to Cane Hill College for a tour.

Outside of Cane Hill College

I love history, so this was like the coolest thing ever. The site has been through a lot of different things throughout the years. It was a public school for awhile, which Tom actually attended, it was the first college to have both men and women, there was a Civil War battle, and the building was burned down and rebuilt. That’s a lot of interesting things to happen in one place, and now it is open for couples to make more historic memories!

Looking out window of Cane Hill College

Bride in Doorway of Cane Hill College

Maybe a month after the tour, we did a styled shoot with the help of KFB events and a lovely former bride of mine. We spent a good three hours shooting inside and around the college, and we got some really amazing stuff. Honestly, I could have shot more, but we just ran out of time and light.

Sunset photo of bride at Cane Hill College Tree grove at Cane Hill College Night photo in front of Cane Hill College

Standing on stairs of Cane Hill College

New Arkansas Wedding Venue

I’m really excited about this New Arkansas Wedding Venue. The guys running it are awesome, the building has a cool history, and it really works well for photos. I actually had a chance to shoot a wedding there this September, but I was already booked. There will be more chances in the future, though, and I can’t wait!

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