New Technology Trends for 2024 Weddings

There were some huge jumps in technology in 2023 in the world and for weddings. Overall, artificial intelligence was by far the biggest change. Now it’s 2024, and many people are wondering what new technology will be popping up in weddings.  

Personalized Wedding Apps

One of my friends builds apps and it used to be a giant ordeal involving lots of knowledge and coding. Now a days, they have apps for building apps, so it’s much faster and easier. For weddings, apps will continue to make a big impact in 2024. Wedding planning has been revolutionized by personalized apps, allowing couples to manage guest lists, send invitations, and even coordinate virtual wedding coordination. These apps provide a seamless experience for both the bride and groom and their guests, making the wedding day more organized and enjoyable.

Even more fun is personalized wedding apps. These are apps that are custom made for the couple and their wedding. You can have the colors and fonts match your vibe and add in features that fit your needs. 

AI-Written Vows

One way artificial intelligence is changing the world is through writing. There are so many AI apps out there that will basically write for you. Writing speeches has always been a struggle for some people, and I’ve listened to enough cringey speeches to know that people need help. Now, writing speeches is so much easier. People can write up some main points and throw it into AI. Then, they can make a few more tweaks to get it perfect. 

laughing during speeches
laughing during speeches

Sharing Photos Through QR Codes

Guests are always taking photos at wedding ceremonies and the reception, and I really wonder if anyone ever sees them. Now, you can use a custom app or other services and a QR code to easily upload photos and videos, creating a collective and dynamic digital album of the day. This high-tech approach enhances the wedding experience, enabling everyone to capture and share precious moments.


Live Social Media Displays

The QR codes pair up nicely with live social media walls. Live social media walls display real-time posts and updates from the wedding, allowing guests to share their experiences and well-wishes. There are a few different ways you can set this up. You could use a tv or you could set up a projector. Some wedding venues might already have everything you need to make it work. 

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices, such as smart rings, are being incorporated into weddings for various purposes, including contactless payments, virtual reality experiences, and even monitoring guests’ well-being. These tech-savvy accessories add a sense of innovation and convenience to the wedding day.

Mobile Payment Systems

Does anyone carry cash these days? Pretty much every vendor now has the ability to accept credit cards, but imagine if you could pay for things without even having to pull out your credit card. Imagine making a few clicks on your phone and being able to bypass the line or even have a drink delivered to your table!!! These systems can be setup through the wedding app we talked about before or scanning a QR code. 

drink bar

Live Event Polling or Q&A

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how your guests were feeling and what they were wanting? Do they like the music? What activities are they interested in? Is there anything they need? With live event polling and Q&A, you can easily do that and make changes to keep your guests happy. One way I could see this being really helpful is asking people what time they plan on leaving. This way, it would be easy to know if the exit time needed to be adjusted. 

crazy wedding dancing

3-D Printing

I really wish I had a 3-D printer. There are so many things I would print out. 3-D printing can also be extremely useful for couples and weddings.  Imagine all the different things you could create: custom wedding favors, décor, bouquet, and even bridal accessories. You’d save money and you can create your own vision versus buying something someone else made.


One idea that just popped into my head is having the 3-D printer at the wedding to create custom gifts for the guests. At one wedding a few years ago, the bride made Lego models of every guest. With the printer, the guests could design their own figure and get it printed. This would involve quite a setup but it would be so amazing to pull off. 

Same-Day Edit

Same Day edits have been something people have done for years, but it was very rare and a big pain. AI technology has made editing so much faster. With photos, AI can sort through photos and automatically edit them. The photographer could be uploading the pics throughout the day and have a slide show ready by the end of the night to share a recap of the day with your guests.  Video editing is still a little bit more involved, but I imagine there is an AI solution being worked on as we speak. 

watching slideshow during reception

Charging Stations

Last year, I did a wedding at the Atrium, and I saw something I’d never seen before. The venue had built in charging stations. I thought that was such a nice and cool idea. With the reliance on smartphones and devices at weddings, especially if you are doing things like the mobile paying, live polling, and the guest photos, providing charging stations for guests ensures that everyone stays connected and charged throughout the day. This thoughtful inclusion caters to the tech-savvy needs of attendees, ensuring everyone can participate in the digital celebration.


I’m a huge fan of technology and I get so excited anytime something new comes out. As new technology comes out, the wedding industry will find ways to use it to make weddings more exciting, faster, and a better experience.  Couples, keep your eyes out for these new technologies and be ready to make it a part of your big day. 

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