night wedding portrait at mildred b cooper

Night Wedding Photography: Elena & Gregg

I love doing creative things with lighting! It’s really something I feel like I do better than the average photographer. Heck, a lot of the wedding photographers out there don’t use flash at all. Anyway, Elena and Gregg’s wedding was the perfect opportunity for me to play around with off camera flash and get some really fun and unique photos. It was a chance to try out some new things with my night wedding photography. Check it out and see what you think!

Night Wedding Photography: Elena & Gregg

Elena and Gregg’s wedding was pretty interesting. Apparently, they actually were already married, but they hadn’t done an official ceremony yet. I also was only going to be there for a few hours, and I wasn’t traveling to the reception. The other thing she talked to me about beforehand was light. The ceremony was later in the evening, and it would be dark by the time things wrapped up. Of course, I just smiled and said I could handle it.

entering Mildred B. Cooper chapelwedding ceremony at Mildred B Cooper

There were several things about this wedding that reminded me of Katy and Jimmy’s wedding. This wedding was also at Mildred B. Cooper chapel, and it was a smaller wedding (maybe 25 people).

wide shot of mildred B cooperup close of arms interlocked

One thing that really was awesome was the decorations on the stage. Elena and Gregg didn’t have a huge wedding party, so the stage was empty. This allowed them to put a bunch of candles on the steps. This really created a wonderful atmosphere as the sun went down.

Getting Creative after Sunset

After the ceremony, I took them outside for some quick portraits while the sun was still up. By the time we were done with family portraits, the sun was gone, so it’s interesting to see the difference between those photos. We did a few portraits on the stage with the candles, but then we moved out in front of the chapel for the really fun stuff!

wedding ceremony with candles on stage

The setup for these photos was pretty interesting. I used one light to light the couple, which would have been fine, but there wasn’t enough light in the chapel. To fix that, I took another flash, added a orange gel, and used it to create a glow inside the chapel. I love the way these turned out!

night wedding portrait at mildred b cooperwedding dress with flowing vailbride at night in front of glass chapelbride looking over shoulder

There are some times I have to use flash at a wedding. There are plenty of dark receptions and sometimes things happen outside at night. It’s nice to be able to use flash to fix these dark situations. I really love, though, getting to use flash to create something unique and fun with night wedding photography. I’m so glad I got to be part of Elena and Gregg’s wedding because they really let me loose to be creative. Enjoy!

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