Northwest Arkansas Engagement Photos- Alex and Liz

Man, oh man, I can’t believe I forgot to post Alex and Liz’s Northwest Arkansas engagement photos. This session happened over a year ago, but somehow it either slipped my mind or I got too busy with weddings to show these off. I actually just realized that I hadn’t blogged about them when I was writing about their wedding video just a few days ago. Well, better late than never.

Engagement Photos All Around Fayetteville

For Alex and Liz’s session, we traveled to a few different locations. Our first stop was Dickson Street, which by itself has unlimited possibilities. We started by using a bench out near the Walton Art center, and we made our way to the little garden area next to it. In there we did a few different things, but my favorite shot was up against the brick wall. Liz threw some real attitude in that shot. We made our way back up Dickson Street and stopped at the little train and then further up to the Uark Bowl room. Uark was where their reception would be, so they wanted to take a few engagement photos in front of the sign. Now, the sign wasn’t set up for them, but with some Photoshop magic, I made it have their wedding date. Alex took Liz out into the street and dipped her, but that wasn’t the most exciting part of the Dickson excursion. For some reason, Alex and his friends had this fascination with Waffle House because they weren’t available in other spots. To show off to his friends, they had to take a photo in front of it.

From there, we drove to Wilson Park. Wilson Park was pretty special to the couple because they actually lived right up at the hill, so they ventured down there a lot. While there they hung out in a tree, climbed a castle, and kissed on a bridge. My favorite part though was when they pulled out the jerseys. Both Alex and Liz went to major universities, but they happened to be different ones. It was a house divided. Liz went to Notre Dame while Alex went to Texas A&M. After they put on their jersey, they proceeded to tackle and play catch. It was funny and cute at the same time.

engaegment photos sitting on bench engaegment photos red brick wall engaegment photos hanging on train engaegment photos wedding date on marquee engaegment photos in front of Waffle House engaegment photos kissing on bridge engaegment photos climbing tree engaegment photos kissing with clouds engaegment photos wedding date on chalkboard engaegment photos Notre Dame and Texas A & M jerseyAlex and Liz’s engagement photos had so much variety to it. Their different outfits and the different locations really captured so much about them and their relationship. This is my final blog about this happy couple, and it kind of makes me sad. If you missed the other ones, go check them out.

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