Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography: Erin and Stephen’s wedding

I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to blog about this incredible wedding. Erin and Stephen really rocked it during their engagement session and Erin’s bridal portraits were stunning, so it didn’t surprise me that their wedding was awesome. Northwest Arkansas wedding photography can be pretty interesting with so much going on around here, but these two created something really special.

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography: The ceremony

Erin and Stephen had their ceremony at the very popular St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable. Erin got ready in the upper cabin, and we used the lower session for some portraits of her, the bridesmaids, and her parents. In the background, we had this old, working water wheel. Erin really showed her personality when she made goofy faces and photo bombed her parents.

Before we went down, Erin did some modeling with an old classic car. Then, she made classic entrance as her and her father rode down. Everyone came out of the chapel to watch her grand entrance, and then they went back inside for her walk.

The chapel was full of all of their family and friends, but it seemed like the two couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. When the ceremony ended, we only had a few minutes before we rushed off to the reception at Fairlane Station.

The Reception

This was a new venue for me, and I always love seeing a new place. From what I understand, it use to have something to do with the railroad, hence station. Inside, he basically had two big open rooms, and outside there is a good size covered area and another spot that’s open to the weather. Also outside, they have this cool spiraled staircase.

For Erin’s reception, they used the first room for dancing, the cakes, and speeches. One really cool idea they used was they tied photos to strings on balloons and had them every where. It got in the way of their dance a little, but it was still unique. Their groom’s cake made me smile. Erin and Stephen have something in common with me. We’ve all run the extreme race called Tough Mudder, and the groom’s cake was aimed at that. Another first time detail, they had a Bible and asked their friends/family to mark a verse and write their name beside it.

In the backroom, they set up the food and drinks. They also had a back section with two bicycles, a banner, some pictures, and other decorations. Outside, there were tables and room for everyone to mingle.

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The dance floor was pretty busy all night, and the speeches were pretty funny. I just kept moving around to see what all was happening. This was my first trip to Fairlane Station, and Erin and Stephen made it a memorable one. I’m sure I’ll be going back in the near future for more Northwest Arkansas wedding photography, and I’m looking forward to it.

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