Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography: Jordanne and Tim

Over the years there have been some people that I have consistently worked with. I have been working with Brandon and Amanda for around 6 years, so when Brandon’s sister contacted me about her wedding, I knew it was going to be awesome. We shot their Northwest Arkansas wedding back in January, and it was everything I expected.

Northwest Arkansas Wedding: Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

Jordanne and Tim had their ceremony at the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista. If you’ve never been there, it’s a beautiful glass chapel, nestled in the woods and right beside Beaver Lake.

Before the ceremony, Jordanne did something pretty special. Instead of having a first look with the groom, she had a first look with her father. Jordanne is the only daughter, so it was an emotional first look. Her dad wore glasses to hide it, but we could all tell he was tearing up.

The ceremony had some unique moments as well. I’ve been taking photos of the flower girl since she was born, so I really enjoyed seeing her all dressed up. She loves the camera, so she did try to steal the show a few times. Once she laid down on the stage and started waving to everyone. The ring bearer was also decked out. He had a full security outfit with glasses, an ear piece, and a protective suitcase for the ring. Jordanne and Tim also did a sand ceremony, which is like a unity candle. There was a bit of confusion, but the couple just laughed it off and went with it.

Their Northwest Arkansas wedding reception was held at Riordan Hall, and this was my first time ever going there. The event center was a large open room that could be used or lots of different things, but it worked well for a reception. Half the room was used for seating, a side area for food, and another third of the room was the dance floor. There was even a stage and a spotlight. Pretty cool place.Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne walking down aisle Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne first dance Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne father daughter dance Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne dress hanging black and white Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne ring in flowers Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne bride Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne Converse shoes Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne bridal party Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne Mildred B. Cooper Northwest Arkansas Wedding Jordanne

The rest of the night was very laid back, like the couple. My favorite moment was during the groom/mother dance. Like I mentioned before, the flower girl likes to be the center of attention. Well, she grabbed the ring bearer and stole the show by dancing next to the groom/mother. Adorable.

I’m so glad that I got to work with Jordanne and Tim. They made life easy for me, and I enjoyed everything about their Northwest Arkansas wedding. We also did video for them, so I’ll be writing about that in the near future, so come back to see that.


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