Northwest Arkansas Wedding Planners- Angela Clark Events

We all have our skills that we are good at. Some are extremely creative, some are good with people, and some are organizers. For many brides, planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, and they need someone to help plan everything. If you are unsure whether or not you need a wedding planner, check out this previous post on wedding planners. Today, we’ll look at one of my favorite Northwest Arkansas Wedding Planners- Angela Clark Events.

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Planners- Angela Clark Events

I’ve been in the wedding game for around 8 years now, so I have had several experiences with wedding planners. Some experiences have been great and others not so great. Some have helped a lot and others have been of little use. Angela, from Angela Clark Events, has always been extremely helpful and a joy to work with.

Part of my positive experiences with her might be due to our past. I’ve known Angela for some time now. For my first year of teaching at Woodland, Angela and I shared a classroom, so we learned how to work around each other and share space. After that, I’ve kind of been her family photographer. I shot her wedding, her brother’s wedding, her aunt’s wedding, and a few other events for them.

Angela has a personality and skill set perfect for planning weddings. She is use to being in control of other people. In general, teachers have to be good leaders, capable of watching everything that’s happening and keeping people in line without being a dictator. Angela has perfected that in the classroom and also as the coach of the Fayetteville cheer squad. This has helped her with the wedding day. She is able to get people to where they need to be and keep things under control. She is also highly organized and creates a plan for the day, much like a lesson plan for a classroom, and makes sure everyone is aware of what is happening and when. As a photographer, this is probably what I care about the most. I have to know what’s going on and when. Before, I’ve had a wedding planner start a garter toss while I was way across the room. I had to sprint to get there in time. Angela would never let this happen.

I’ve shot several weddings with Angela and I will be shooting another one in October. I can’t say this about all Northwest Arkansas Wedding Planners, but when I’m working with Angela Clark Events, I know everything is going to go smoothly and it’s going to be a great wedding.

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