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Payton and David’s engagement photos

Some times I have a ton of time to during a shoot and we can take our time. That’s always nice, but other times we have to move quickly. For Payton and David’s engagement photos, we were in time crunch. I think we only had about 45 minutes, but I love what we were able to create.

Payton and David’s engagement photos

David had a great location in mind for the engagement photos, but because of the distance from Fayetteville, and traffic, we got there about 40 minutes later than we had originally planned. The location was a hunting lodge with a bunch of land somewhere out in the Pea Ridge area (we drove so long I honestly don’t know where we ended up).

engagement photos kissing in a field engagement photos in a field engagement photos in an old brick building

We started out in a field with this old falling down brick building. Then, we moved just a few feet into the field with the tall grass. On our way to another spot, I saw a nice view of the sky, so we stopped and hit a few more. The sky really popped in those. Right next to the cabins is a big pond with a dock. The sun was setting at this point, so we got some cool shots with that and with the water.

engagement photos in front of a pond kissing during a sunset hugging and laughing engagement photos close up of hands in engagement shoot Payton and David's engagement photos engagement photos with blue sky

For the very last shot, Payton and David brought out their dogs. It was pretty funny how different the dogs were. Payton’s dog was this tiny little handheld dog, and David’s dog was a black lab. We knocked out a few shots before the lab decided he wanted to check out the lake.

Engagement photo with her dog engagement photos on a dirt road with dogs

I was really shocked how much we were able to accomplish in such a short time. It helps when you have a great couple to work with. Sometimes is takes time to get the couple positioned and everything, but David and Payton were naturals. I loved Payton and David’s engagement photos, and can’t wait for their April wedding!

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