Pelican 1510 Case Review

When you have as much equipment as I do and do as many different things as I do, carrying equipment can be a major problem. When we are doing photos and video, I will bring 6 camera bodies, lenses, flashes, transmitters, audio equipment, and more. In the past, I was using whatever I could to carry all of this stuff including a random DeWalt tool bag. Recently I purchased two bags to help organize and carry a large portion of my equipment. I’ll speak about both of them soon, but for today, I’m going to do a Pelican 1510 Case review.

Pelican 1510 Case Review

Pelican Cases are a well known brand that have been around awhile and are used in a variety of situations. I’ve seen people use them for camera bodies, lighting equipment, and some are used for other things like weapons. Their purpose is to protect and carry items, and they do it well.

The Pelican Case model I bought was aimed  more at photographers or other people needing to carry multiple items. The case came with a padded divider system, but others come with a big foam block that you can cut up to meet your needs. I’d rather have the padded divider so I can make adjustments more than once. Inside, I carry two camera bodies, a 70-200mm, a 24-70mm, a 100mm, and some flash modifiers. If you were a prime shooter, you could easily change this up and fit several lenses and flashes into the bag, making it a complete system. I still have to use one other bag for photography purposes.

As far as the protection and usage, I am extremely happy. The case closes with two snaps, so you know it is secure. I’ve had issues with zippers before, so I really like this. The case itself is like a tank. It’s a hard plastic, and I feel like it could be tossed out around without any damage happening to my equipment. There’s also a set of wheels and a handle that can be pulled up when in use and pushed down later. This makes moving it a breeze.

Pelican 1510 Case Review Front View Pelican 1510 Case Review open view Pelican 1510 Case Review Vertical with handle

I hope this Pelican 1510 Case Review has been helpful. I really am glad I purchased this bag because it has made my life easier and made me feel better about the safety of my equipment. Unfortunately I have too much stuff to fit it all in one bag, so soon I’ll be talking about the second bag that I purchased.

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