Phoebie and Kyle’s Wedding at Fairlane Station

If you haven’t checked out the homepage lately, you might not have noticed the change. I’ve decided to make a donation for every wedding I book. The two options are a group in Rwanda and Sheep Dog Impact Assistance here in Northwest Arkansas. I’ve been photographing the annual SDIA gala for probably 5 years now, and it’s an amazing organization. I’ve met some awesome people, and I always love being around them. Jayme is one of the people I interact with the most, and recently, I had the privilege of videoing her daughter’s wedding at Fairlane Station.

Phoebie and Kyle’s Wedding at Fairlane Station

I don’t think I had ever met Phoebie or Kyle before that night, so I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that they both were young. Today it seems like everyone is waiting longer and longer to get married, and most would worry about someone getting married at 18. Jayme was good with it, so I knew Kyle must be a good guy. I got married at 23, so that’s really not that different.

The ceremony was outside at Fairlane station, and it was a beautiful night. There were a few issues that kept the ceremony from starting on time (a forgotten dress and then a flat tire), but everyone just hung out and talked and waited. This gave me more time to set everything up and be ready to go.

There were plenty of things about the ceremony that stood out, but the biggest one was when Phoebie came down the aisle. Her father had passed when she was younger, so her brother was walking her down instead. He was in full military garb, so this was impressive and emotional at the same time.

I’m so glad I got to do this for Jayme and be there for the Phoebie and Kyle’s Wedding at Fairlane Station. Jayme works so hard for an amazing organization, and there are so many service people out there helping and risking their lives on a daily basis. It was the least I could do. I really hope in the future I get to do more with this organization, and I hope I’ll be able to raise money so they can continue to help.

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