Photo Booths for Weddings or Events in Northwest Arkansas

If you’ve kept up with me at all over the past 8 years, you know that I’m constantly looking to change/evolve/get better. This is more than just a business to me, it’s really an extension of who I am. I’m always looking for ways to do things better and to create a better experience for my couples. About 4 years ago we added videography and it has really taken off. Well, we’re changing and growing again. We are now offering photo booths for weddings or events in Northwest Arkansas!

Photo Booths for Weddings or Events in Northwest Arkansas

I don’t remember how this all popped into my head, but things started pretty quickly. Another photographer had suggested doing photo booths as something else to offer clients. I had recently purchased two printers for events and I had plenty of extra cameras and lighting, so I thought, “What the heck. Let’s do photo booths.”  We messed around with photo booths in the past. Before, though, we were pretty much just setting up a backdrop and taking photos with a camera. Our new setup is different and much nicer. We now have pretty much everything built into a small box. The box holds the camera, flash, and the Surface Pro 4 interface. It’s also, in my opinion, more entertaining. Before we just took the photos and uploaded them later. Now, we have a screen that you can interact with and see what the photos look like, you can do a video if you want, and you can print off customized prints right then.

Photo booth for weddings Photo Booths for Weddings or Events in Northwest Arkansas

We used the photo booth at our wedding last Saturday and it went pretty well. There’s still some adjusting and learning on our end, but that’s to be expected with anything. I’ve got some bugs I need to work out as far as the software and templates, and I need to check some things with the printer, but that’s really it. I imagine we will be pros at it in maybe one ore two more events.

If you’re looking for Photo Booths for Weddings or Events in Northwest Arkansas, we’d love to talk to you. Right now our rates are discounted for the next few events, but then they’ll be going back up. We’d love to be a part of what you’re doing and help your event be a blast!

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