Photography Advice: Shoot What You Love

Back in the summer I got a chance to teach the Woodland yearbook staff some photography basics. It was a pretty fun experience because I knew the kids and because I never have had a chance to teach to teach photography before. The last thing I did was give the kids some photography advice. I believe it was about 5 tips. One of those pieces of advice was to shoot what you love.

Photography Advice: Shoot What You Love

There are a ton of different types of photography out there, and I know I’ve personally done like 7 different types. I’ve found that there are some things I really enjoy shooting and some that aren’t my favorite. The interesting thing is that the things I thought I might like weren’t always my favorite and the things that didn’t initially interest me have become my favorite subject. So with that, my first part of this advice is to try out different things. You won’t know what you like until you try it. You might think you love shooting sports, but then you find that you can’t enjoy watching the game and shooting at the same time. You might think shooting products is boring, but you love that you have complete control over a product and don’t have to make it laugh. Fayetteville Newborn Photo in pink blanket Craftsman builders Parade of Homes

After you’ve experimented with different types of photography, shoot what you love and try to avoid the rest. You are going to produce better work if it’s something you enjoy. When you like something, you have a better attitude and you’re going to strive to make it awesome. If you don’t really like something, you’ll be negative about it and just want to get it over with. Then your photos will reflect that.

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Most people get into photography because it’s something they find fun or interesting. Don’t continue to shoot things that you don’t like because it will start to suck that enjoyment out of photography. Please listen to this piece of photography advice and continue to shoot what you love and photography can be something you enjoy for a lifetime.

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