Photography Equipment for Sale

I’m an equipment hoarder. Just ask my wife. I have photography equipment overflowing from my closet into the garage. I’ve finally decided to sell off some of the stuff that I just never use anymore and don’t plan on using. If you’re interested in my photography equipment for sale, keep reading and check out all that I’ve got.

Photography Equipment for Sale

A quick note, a lot of this stuff is posted on Facebook groups, so there is the possibility of it being already sold. I’m going to go with the first person to show interest and get the money to me. If you want it, move quickly.

Flash Equipment for Sale

I’ve talked in multiple posts about how important light is, so if you’re wanting to take your photography to the next level, I suggest you invest in a flash. Even after getting rid of these, I still have like 10 flashes between studio strobes and speed lights.

Yongnuo flash for sale Nissin flash for sale Pixel King pro set of transmitters Old quantum turbo battery for sale Photography equipment for sale

I’ve got two speed lights for Nikon. The Yongnuo is pretty basic and the Nissin is more advanced. I also have a Quantum t4d, which overall I like more than the other two, but it isn’t made to be on top of your camera, so that might not work for some people. I have two Quantum Battery packs, but both are considered non working. You can probably fix them pretty easily if you wanted to. Then, I have two sets of triggers: a Pixel King Pro set of one transmitter and two receivers for Nikon, and a Pocketwizard Mini TT1 and two TT5s for Canon.

Bodies and Lenses

I’m also contemplating getting rid of my Sony A58 and the three lenses I have for it. I never really used it for photography, only video briefly. I might keep it for my children to mess around with in the future. I’ve got to teach them a skill and I’d feel more comfortable with them handling that camera. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I could probably let it go.

Sony A58 package for sale Sony A58 body for sale

That’s all the Photography Equipment for Sale for now. I’m sure my wife will find some more stuff for me to get rid of. If you really have interest in any of these items, feel free to email me, and we can discuss price. Thanks!

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