Photography Instructional Videos

I’m always looking for new things today. After several years of blogging, I’ve decided to go out and teach/talk about photography in a new way: Photography Instructional Videos. There’s a ton of people out there on YouTube spreading their opinion and teaching, so I figured, why not me?

Photography Instructional Videos

In these videos, I plan on covering a variety of things. I want the videos to be different than the blog, so I’m only going to make them when I think a video is appropriate over words. A lot of my blogs are about previous sessions, so a video of me talking about that wouldn’t really be helpful. I plan on focusing more on hands on things, that words can’t explain as well. There will be videos of me doing shoots, explaining techniques or equipment, and maybe editing.

My biggest concern is I want these videos to be useful. I want them to be high quality, not me in bad lighting using my computers built in camera. I want the audio to be good and have multiple angles. I want the information to be detailed and clear. Overall, if I’m going to put time into doing something, I want to do it right. This means planning things out in advance, setting up equipment, and probably getting someone to help film.

Well, I’ve already started making one video a few days ago. I’m not sure how well it went. It was just me trying to set everything up, so it was a lot of work and hard to check everything. I might put it together and show it or I might just get some help and reshoot the whole thing. Either way, in the near future I will be producing some photography instructional videos. Feel free to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see or learn about. Thanks

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