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Photography Related Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Today is Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure you already. Oh what an interesting holiday, but really, all holidays are tough when it comes to picking out gifts for someone. Maybe there are a few of you out there that are master gift givers, but I think most adults struggle with coming up with something unique and thoughtful. I mean, I can pull that off maybe once every few years, but after being married for 11 years, it’s hard to find something new. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few Photography Related Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (that was a mouthful), and maybe it will help someone out.

Photography Related Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m a big believer in prints and albums. You have to have your photos where you can tough and see them. So of course, my first Valentine’s Day gift idea is getting something printed. This is a pretty general statement, so I’ll try to focus it in for you.

Valentine’s Day Wall Art

Wall art is always a popular choice. A nice big canvas is something that is really special and something that is going to be enjoyed on a daily basis. A few quick tips if you go this route. One, make sure you use a photo the person likes. If he or she has it as a profile picture or phone background, then you’re probably safe. It would be a shame though to get a big print made of something he or she didn’t like. If you’re in doubt on the picture, you might want to try something else. Two, use a quality printer. It does matter, and you don’t want to look cheap and it will fall apart much sooner.

couple hugging and showing engagement ring

Valentine’s Day Albums

Albums are another great option. There are a few different routes you can go with this. You can go the traditional route and have an album full of wedding photos or photos of the family or from an event or whatever. This is great and he or she will love it. If you want to get a little more creative, you could personalize it. I’m sure you’ve been to weddings and seen a guest book with engagement photos and you sign around the photos. You could do something similar except you write personal thoughts and notes around each photo. If you’re super duper creative, you could write little poems or descriptions.

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Valentine’s Day Couple’s Photo Session

Maybe you’re not married yet or maybe you already have a bunch of prints. You can still pull off something amazing. If your significant other loves photos, you could schedule a photo shoot for the two of you.

Photography Related Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Now, be careful, not everyone likes having a photo shoot sprung on them. Most ladies want to know in advance so they can plan outfits and be prepared. If you know she’s going to be dressed up already, you might be able to pull it off on the day of. For most, though, I’d suggest you tell him or her about it on Vday and then scheduling the shoot for the future. He or she will still be excited and then have time to prepare.

It’s probably a little too late to use any of the ideas for this year (if you’re really desperate, call me and we can talk about the photo session for the future), but it’s never too early to start planning. These Photography Related Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas could be used for plenty of other holidays, so you might start looking ahead to birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. Good luck!

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