Pinterest for Wedding Photography

The internet is an interesting thing and has had a big effect on wedding photography. There are tons of websites out there designed specifically to help brides plan for their wedding day. They give all types of advice and plans from dresses to decorations. One website that’s a big player is Pinterest. I’d say that 85% of brides use Pinterest for wedding photography planning or planning their wedding in general. I think it’s a great resource, but it should be used with caution.

Pinterest for Wedding Photography

Every bride wants awesome wedding photos, and Pinterest is there with thousands of ideas. Brides can simply create their own board and start searching and pinning. Then, they can share their board with their photographer, and he or she can recreate them on the wedding day.

As a wedding photographer, I like Pinterest. Often these photos are ones I’ve already seen before and ones that I do, but it lets me know what my bride wants, and then I can make her happy. Sometimes, though, the photos are real inspirations and help me create something new or beautiful. I really love when that happens.

There are some warnings I have to throw out there regarding Pinterest. First, Pinterest can be overwhelming. I know there are so many good ideas out there, but if you come to your photographer with 1000 photo ideas, he or she will be overwhelmed. For me personally, I like having maybe 3 to 5 ideas. More than that and all I think about are those ideas, and it keeps me from bringing my own eye and creativity to the shoot. Second, photographers are not magicians. We cannot always create something if it’s not possible. For example, if it’s overcast, it is pretty difficult to create a realistic silhouette. Also, depending on the height difference of the bride and groom, certain poses are hard to create. We will always try our best, but sometimes things just can’t be done. Third, don’t let Pinterest run your entire wedding. Your wedding is your wedding and it should be about you. Make sure you put your own touches on the wedding and not just recreate what others have done.

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If you are planning a wedding, you are probably using Pinterest for wedding photography. As I said earlier, it is a great tool but realize it is a tool and can be overused. Make sure you aren’t letting it rule your wedding or overwhelm your photographer. Use it with care and you’ll have end up with some beautiful, creative wedding photos.

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