The Most Popular Wedding Months: September and October

My, oh my, we are getting busy. I had August off, but September and October are about to be crazy. In those two months, I have 9 weddings. I’m basically working every weekend. I remember when I was first starting out that Summer use to be the really popular wedding months, but it seems like things are changing. For the past three years or so, October has been booked way out, and now September is doing that as well. Have things changed? Is September and October now the most popular wedding months?

The Most Popular Wedding Months: September and October

Back in the day, I’m guessing June and July was so popular because that’s when people had time off. Kids were already out of school and people had vacation time. It made sense to have a wedding around then so people could come. For my wife and I, we went with a July wedding because she would be starting grad school the following year, so that was the only time that we were both free. I’m really not sure why things have changed, but I do see some good and bad about September and October weddings.

The Most Popular Wedding Months: September and October

Alright, let’s start off with the good. It’s not freaking hot! That’s got to be the biggest benefit. Summer weddings can be so miserable for everyone, but in September and October, it’s usually much cooler but not freezing yet. I know I’m much happier when I’m not a sweaty mess. The major issue that I’ve seen is it’s during college football season. The majority of the games are played on Saturdays, so every Saturday wedding could interfere with watching a game or two. I have known plenty of couples that planned their day around football season. What’s really funny is that the Razorback off week is always really popular. I know one year we shot three weddings that day.

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I love weddings throughout the entire year, but it does seem that the most popular wedding months are now becoming September and October. If you can get past the football issue, you should be good to go. I’d love to hear your opinion on the matter, and if you’re already married, why did you choose your date?

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