Portable flash: Profoto Acute B

Light is necessary for photos, and many times I find myself needing to add light to my photos. A big part of my style has become using off camera flash to create dramatic photos. I’ve been exploring the best way to do this for several years, and I’ve bounced back and forth between several different options. Most recently I purchased two Profoto Acute B kits.

In the past I have run into the issue of power vs. portability. Little flashes are light and easy to bring with me, but they don’t have much power. To get away from that, I purchased a Hensel Porty 1200 pack with a Profoto head. This delivered plenty of power (probably like 20 little flashes worth), but it was so heavy. I found myself not bringing it because I didn’t want to drag it around. The Profoto Acute B is hopefully the answer to the problem. It weights about half of what the Hensel weighs and still delivers 600 watts of power.

I ordered two sets off eBay, but I haven’t  been able to test them out yet. The first one showed up and was supposed to be good to go, but the power knob broke on it as soon I as tried it. I was not happy. As for the other pack, I knew it had issues before I bought it. Both have been shipped off to Profoto, so I’m really hoping it’s not expensive to fix them, and I can get them back quickly.

I’m really hopeful that this will be the perfect solution for my flash needs. After I get everything fixed and back, I’ll run it through a few sessions and weddings and be back with a full review.

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