St. Anthony's on the Creek

St. Anthony’s on the Creek Wedding Venue

I love when I get to explore a new venue. St. Anthony’s on the Creek wedding venue is relatively new to me. I believe I shot my first wedding there two years ago, but I’ve been there several times since. I’m so glad I’ve found this wedding venue.

St. Anthony’s on the Creek Wedding Venue

St. Anthony’s on the Creek is located in Springdale, but it’s away from the busiest part of the city. The first fun part is getting to the venue. You start off by walking through this wooden, covered bridge that goes over the creek. From there you have three main areas. To the right you have the groom and bride’s changing rooms. Behind that they have a large open field and an arbor with the creek behind it. Next, up the walk way is the chapel. It’s stone chapel and inside there is just this warm atmosphere. The last area is further up the hill and it’s where the receptions are held. The building has a large inside room where the majority of the seating is, and then there’s a back porch with some additional seating but it mainly used for dancing.

Every time I work at St. Anthony’s on the Creek I have a pleasant experience. The area and the people there make my life much easier. Look at some of the photos from weddings at St. Anthony’s on the Creek and you’ll be able to get a sense of how great the place is. If that’s not enough, seeing it in person will do the rest.

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