PPA Charities Fundraiser

Man, life is so strange sometimes. So yesterday I wrote about donations for wedding photography and some of the ideas I throwing around. It was a completely random post. I don’t even remember what got me thinking about that. Well, today, I get on my computer and come to find out that the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) were doing an all day fundraiser for their own PPA Charities. How crazy is that?

PPA Charities Fundraiser

Honestly, I haven’t had time yet to look into all the different things they do. I know I saw one link referencing some kind of wedding related donation. I’m guessing that they somehow build a list of wedding photographers or people that need a wedding photographer and set them up. Again, sorry for the lack of information because I haven’t looked into it.

What was really interesting about today was the format for their fundraiser. They were having 50 different short sessions through Facebook Live, all day long. Basically they’d have one person phone in and talk about something for 25 minutes, and then they’d go back to the hosts, and then a new person would come on. Most of the morning, I was listening to theses sessions as I worked. There were some really good ideas out there. Two things that stuck with me were 1, the need to get reviews on a consistent basis and two, keep selling someone stuff until they say no. SEO is a big part of my business and haven’t reviews bumps me up on the list. The reason I don’t have a ton is because I never ask. Now I’m asking everyone! The second part was great because I’m not a great salesperson. I don’t like being pushy. I need to just turn off my mind though and keep offering things and keep going. If I get 100 no’s, I still might end up with 15 yes’s.

There are still several hours left for the PPA Charities fundraiser. Please go and check it out, either to just watch the sessions or if you feel up to it, donate. PPA is a great organization, and I’m sure they are doing amazing things through this program.

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