Practicing Creative Lighting Techniques

I got inspired a few nights ago after looking at some photos, and I’ve decided to start doing something new. I was looking at some photos by Lindsay Adler, who is amazing, and she always does the most creative in studio shots. She does crazy things with lighting and color, and it’s really hard to explain. Anyway, I also saw that she has created an ebook that has like twenty different photos and how she shot each one. Well, that’s when the inspiration hit. I’ve decided that once summer hits, I’m going to be practicing creative lighting techniques. 

Practicing Creative Lighting Techniques

I’m not quite sure what my goal is for this. I’m thinking I might try to duplicate one of her photos once or twice a month. That means I could be done with the ebook close to a year. I think that’s a realistic timeline as far as what I can accomplish. Now, the end goal isn’t really clear either. Do I plan on shooting this way and attracting these types of clients? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if there’s a market for this around here. She’s up north and lives in the fashion world. She shoots for companies and magazines. I just don’t know if that will fly around here.

Whether I use this a lot or make money or not isn’t my concern. I feel that learning something new about photography is always going to be beneficial. I might not do these exact lighting setups or techniques for a wedding, but I think some of the ideas will come in handy. Lighting is important and makes photos. Learning how to control lighting means I can create something different than all the other photographers out there. That’s priceless.

There are some problems that could possibly come up. One is time. I’m already pretty busy, so I’ll have to find time to do this. During the summer it shouldn’t be that hard because I will not be teaching. Once school starts though, I will be stretched for time. The second problem is finding models. I know there are some models around here, but right now I don’t have any real connections with them. I have no idea how hard it is to find models for shoots. The last and probably biggest issue is money. I already own loads of equipment, but some of this equipment is unique, so I would have to buy certain things just for a shoot. I guess I could always rent or borrow, but I like having things so I can use it whenever and forever.

I love the idea of learning, and I love the idea of creating some different, beautiful portraits. If I follow through in practicing creative lighting techniques, I truly believe this could be a game changer for me. I could start creating those ridiculously cool and artsy photos for my clients. In the end, that’s always been my goal: create something beautiful.

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