Props for Engagements, Bridals, and Weddings

When people say props, most people think of silly items used in photo booths, but really a prop can be much more. A prop can be any kind of thing you use, and it definitely doesn’t have to be goofy. I’ve had people use props for engagements, bridals, and weddings. We don’t do it all the time, but we do it in certain situations.

Props can be helpful in a lot of ways. One, it helps people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Just standing there and thinking about your expression and your hand placement is stressful. When you have a prop, you’re now thinking about the prop and it gives you something to hold or do. Two, props can add to the photo. Props can make you look a certain way (maybe like a superhero) or send a message that you can’t do without the prop.

Wedding couple lighting Chinese lanterns

I’ve seen a variety of props over the years. The most common one I’ve seen is some form of a sign. This could be a chalk board or a printed sign or banner. This is great for adding info to the photo like the wedding date or just saying “Thank You!” I’ve also seen props that are there for fun. They could be football jerseys, confetti, balloons, bubble gum, or something else random. Some people will use empty frames and have people hold them. Others will get things like sparklers or Chinese lanterns for when it gets dark.

Groomsmen with superhero shirts

props for engagements, bridals, and weddings

I think props for engagements, bridals, and weddings can be a good idea for photos, but I’d make sure to avoid doing too many props or doing something that’s been overdone. I’d suggest looking at what other people have done, and also think about anything that really makes you two special. Whatever you decide, make sure you get plenty of photos without props, so you have variety.

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