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Pros and Cons of hiring a content creator for your wedding 

Every year it seems like something new pops up in the wedding world. Recently, it’s been the wedding content creator. While this might be really cool and helpful for many people, it also might not be worth it and cause a bunch of problems. Today, we’re going to look at the Pros and Cons of hiring a content creator for your wedding.

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

A Wedding Content Creator is someone who specializes in capturing and creating content related to weddings. This can include photography, videography, and social media management. They work closely with couples to document their special day and create visual content that captures the emotions and memories of the event. They are skilled in storytelling through visual media and understand the importance of every detail, from the decorations to the expressions on the faces of the guests. They are also experienced in editing and curating the content to produce a final product that reflects the couple’s vision and style. Content Creators often have a strong social media presence and are adept at creating content that is shareable and engaging, to help couples showcase their special day to a wider audience. 

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Wedding Content Creator vs. Photographer/Videographer

That all sounds very nice, but I’m sure you are wondering, how does that differ from what a photographer and videographer does. From my understanding, content creators are more in the background and trying to capture and create certain things. They aren’t concerned with capturing all the things that a photographer does or interested in being in control of how the wedding day flows. Their end goal is to create things that can be shared on social media and relatively quickly. 

Could you hire a content creator instead of a photographer? I guess you could but I would be very careful. Professional photographers do so much more than take photos. Your content creator would need to create a schedule and keep you on it, pose and work with groups, deal with vendor relationships, and capture all of the many things that don’t make it onto social media content like 30 different family groupings. 

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Who needs a content creator for their wedding?

Does everyone need a content creator at their wedding? I’d say no. I’d actually say that 90% of people don’t need one. The point of the content creator is to make things for social media and getting attention. Unless you are looking to be an influencer or someone famous, you probably don’t need one. It’s probably better to save the money and just wait till your photos and videos come back from the professionals. 

Benefits of Hiring a Content Creator

Hiring a content creator can provide quite a few benefits. Content creators are skilled at producing engaging and high-quality content that can help to increase your brand and will be more likely to have more eyes on it. They are experts at crafting compelling stories and messages that resonate. While myself and other photographers create amazing things, it doesn’t mean we are experts at social media or know how to make you go viral. 

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Another big plus is they can produce this content very quickly. Most will be posting things on the wedding day as things are going, and then finish the other content within a week or two. With photographer and videographers, we might throw out some sneak peaks within a week, but  it might take up to three months to get everything completed. 

Drawbacks of a Content Creator

Hiring a content creator can come with its own set of drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is the cost associated with hiring a skilled and experienced content creator. You’re already paying for so many things for your wedding including a photographer. It seems like this is another expense and one that might not be necessary. 

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Another big con is that content creators are relatively new to weddings. First, you might struggle finding one that you like and fits all of your expectations. Secondly, content creators might make it difficult for others like your photographer to do his or her job. I personally know how difficult it can be with other people getting in the way. Every wedding I have to avoid people with cell phones and people wanting to take photos or video. The content creator would be another body constantly trying to capture things, and this might lead to issues like missed shots.  

How to Choose the Right Content Creator

If you decide to get a content creator for your wedding, it’s very important to hire the right one. This could make all the difference in the world. 

You should go about this just like you would for hiring anyone else for your wedding.  Make sure to do your research and look at their portfolio and experience. Then, have a conversation with them about their process and skills. During that time, make it very clear what you are looking for and make sure they can deliver what you want. From there, it’s usually just the price that limits things. 

How Much Does a Wedding Content Creator Cost?

When it comes to hiring a wedding content creator, the cost can vary greatly depending on factors such as the creator’s experience, location, and the scope of the project just as it would with anyone in the wedding industry. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for wedding content creation services. A beginner or less experienced content creator may have lower rates, while a more seasoned professional with a strong portfolio and a high demand for their work may command higher fees. The cost may also depend on the specific services included in the package, such as photography, videography, writing, and graphic design. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and the quality of work you desire when choosing a wedding content creator.

DIY vs Professional Content Creation

If cost becomes a huge issue, you could go the DIY route. In this case, there would be two ways to go about it. Get a friend or relative to take care of it or you try to do it on your own. Yes, you would be saving money, but there are still things you will have to take care of. 

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First, do you have everything you need to complete the job? A cell phone might be good enough, but you might also want to invest in a tripod and audio equipment. What about software? How will you edit and work on the content? There are free options out there, but you’d still have to learn how to use them. 

For some, the DIY route might work, but for most, the cost of the equipment, the time involved, and the difference in quality will not make it worth it. 

The choice is yours

Hiring a wedding content creator has its pros and cons.  On the positive side, you’ll quickly get back photos and videos from your wedding, and you will hopefully get a lot of attention on social media. On the other hand, it’s another expense for an already expensive day considering you probably already hired a photographer. It also just throws a bit more confusion into the mix with having another body trying to get around to get shots. Overall, I’d say a wedding content creator isn’t for most brides, but if it’s something you really want, go for it! Just make sure to hire a professional and make sure all expectations and roles are clear. 

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