kissing in front of Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

Rachael and Tom’s Wedding at St. Anthony’s on the Creek

It’s been a crazy 5 weeks. I came back from my trip to Rwanda the first week of August, shot a wedding three days later, and then shot weddings the next four weeks in a row. Anyway, now things are calming down for a few weeks before the last 3 months hit and it gets crazy again, so I can finally get around to sharing some of these awesome weddings! Let’s start off with Rachael and Tom’s wedding at St. Anthony’s on the Creek.

Rachael and Tom’s Wedding at St. Anthony’s on the Creek

Rachael and Tom are both really chill and that pretty much describes their wedding. They both were very laid back and calm the whole time. Tom is a bit quiet, but he has a really funny personality that I saw sneak out a few times in the day. Those people are always the funniest. They aren’t always trying to be funny; they usually wait for the right moment and then drop something really creative that no one is expecting. That always makes me laugh.

Groom acting goofy

We started off the day at the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel. The chapel is beautiful, but what really was awesome was the ceremony. Not only did Rachael’s dad walk her down the aisle, he also was the officiant. It’s always nice when the officiant really knows the couple, but there’s something really special when it’s a parent of the couple. I’ve seen this happen a few times over the years, and it always makes things more emotional.

down the aisle at Mildred B. Cooper wide shot of Mildred B. Cooper Chapel kissing in front of Mildred B. Cooper Chapel

The reception was at St. Anthony’s on the Creek, which is just down the road. As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t a crazy reception. Mainly people sat around and talked. At the end of the day, we had the first dances, and I’m really glad they did. There were more emotional moments between Rachael and her father, and I loved capturing them.

wedding center piece with photos kids table at wedding reception wedding cake with feather groom's cake with canoewedding at St. Anthony's on the Creek emotional father daughter dance

I’m so glad I got to be part of Rachael and Tom’s Wedding at St. Anthony’s on the Creek. They are super relaxed and super kind people. I loved seeing all the emotional moments, and I’m so happy for the two of them!

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