Rachel and Austin’s Wedding at Magnolia Gardens

I know I say each wedding and couple is unique, but Rachel and Austin truly made their wedding different and fit their personality. They are big into Lord of the Rings and other sci-fi epics, and they made sure to blend that into their wedding at Magnolia Gardens.

Rachel and Austin’s Wedding at Magnolia Gardens

I guess the first place to start would be with Rachel’s job. She loves rocks. She loves them so much she went to school to study them and will be working for NASA. How cool is that? Instead of giving out koozies or  something most people do, she gave out rocks with notes attached to them. There were all different types and shapes and colors.

Guest Gift rocks Flowers at Magnolia Garden Wedding table decorations

Besides that, there were all types of neat little details that showed off their personalities. The guys had on super hero shirts under their suits, so we made sure to show that off, and Austin’s cake had super heroes on it as well. Then there were two signs up above the head table that had cute little sayings taken partially from Lord of the Ring.

Groomsmen wearing super hero shirts Custom wedding sign

The best place to show off was during the ceremony and reception. They wrote their own vows and put in all types of quotes and hints at movies. At the end of Austin’s vows, he even recited a mathematical poem for Rachel. Then, they had a special first dance…with light sabers. Yep, it was a light saber battle…dance thing.

Light Saber first dance Light saber dancing at Magnolia Garden

These two were so much fun to be around. We got to do all types of crazy things, and we took some really awesome portraits of them at the end of the night. Not all couples let me steal them away to do special photos, but they actually were really into it.

Gazebo at Magnolia GardensCreative sparkler photo Spelling love with sparklers making a heart with sparklers black and white creative wedding portrait kissing at Magnolia GardensRachel and Austin's wedding at Magnolia Gardens

Rachel and Austin’s Wedding at Magnolia Gardens was so much fun. I doubt I’ll meet another couple with so much creativity in showing off their nerdy side. I tend to love those things just as much, so I was glad to be there and be part of it.


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